Sonoma products embrace the breadth of life, from first breath to last, from newborns to aging adults, and improve the health of the people we serve. We believe our business can do well by doing good–by helping those we serve to get healthy and stay healthy.

In order to expedite the expansion of our European footprint and provide wound care professionals and patients alike with these revolutionary products, the deployment of strategic partnerships on a local basis is crucial. For that reason Sonoma Pharmaceuticals NL BV has adopted a market acquisition strategy that employs a regionally segmented distributor network. We are looking for like-minded partners that are in search of landscape-altering products that will be welcomed by the medical professionals in their region.

Why partner with Sonoma Pharmaceuticals NL BV?

Since Sonoma’s first product introduction in 2004 (company was Oculus Innovative Sciences at the time), more than five million patients worldwide have been treated successfully without a single report of a serious adverse effect. And as word of this revolutionary technology grows, there is an increasing demand for access to it. Is your product portfolio in need of truly innovative advanced wound care products? If so, please email Bart de Brouwer at

We are committed to openness and transparency with each and every partner. Let’s talk and see if there is a fit.